Reader Interactions


  1. I completely felt the same as you *feels relief it wasn’t just me*
    I didn’t get the timeline, I think there was an error towards the beginning of the book. I also felt like the middle bit (where she runs off after her friend to the party?) doesn’t make sense at all. Why would she go? Unless, she wanted to prove a point – that she was still the same person? I don’t know. I didn’t connect with her either. The author wrote a really good blog post about why Romy deserved to have love, but she didn’t explain the rest of the issues I had with it. It’s a real shame. If you want a book that does get your blood boiling, read Asking For It by Louise O’Neill.

    Dannie x

    • Yes – the timing was so confusing. I couldn’t figure it out at the start and thought “hmmm, I’ll go with it and it’ll make sense as the book goes on”, but it didn’t really.

      Yes! I read Only Ever Yours last year and loved it, so Asking For It is on my list.