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  1. Such a cool place (following your pun there, but so true)!
    Our of pure curiosity, do you drink out of a straw or directly from the glass? Because that would be cold against the lips, right?

    • *High five for puns*

      No it was straight from the glass, and weirdly it wasn’t that cold. It was obviously cold, but there was no danger of your tongue / face sticking to the glass. (I did try, though.)

  2. Man that place looks incredible! I would definitely check out an ice bar if I had the chance!

  3. I love this! Sounds incredible and how amazing is it that you get a cape! You are rocking the cape/cloak thing at the moment. It sounds like good value for money too, you are definitely paying for the experience because going to an ice bar is not an everyday thing.

    • The cape was awesome! If they’d sold them in the shop, I’d have been tempted to buy one and wear it in winter.

      Exactly, its something I’ve never done before, so it was worth it.